The purpose of PJ-Handel FC is to nurture raw talents from the scratch and polish already acquired skills of young males and females who intend to take football as a career. The goal of PJ-Handel FC is:

  1. Inculcate discipline, confidence and motivation.
  2. Introduce beginners to the knowledge, techniques and skills of football that will aid their growth on the game.
  3. Polish the already acquired knowledge, techniques and skills for footballers.
  4. Develop Teamwork & Sportsmanship.
  5. Make training more fun by implementing fun drills and games.
  6. Improve ball control and ball-handling skills.
  7. Improve foot quickness and speed.
  8. Improve player’s soccer conditioning.
  9. Implement and teach a variety of fun soccer coaching techniques.
  10. Teach general administration and pre-game and post-game techniques to avoid injuries.